Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blogs I've Commented On

I've had the privilege of visiting the blogs I follow and have found several interesting Web 2.0 tools being shared by others.  I've spent some time looking at the tools and have commented on quite a few of them.

Stephanie's Web 2.0 Blog  - Bubbl.us

Wonderful Web 2.0s - Claco

Cheryl's ET 630 Blog - Ed Canvas

Lisa's Web 2.0 Tools Blog= Storybird

Liz's Web 2.0 Tools Review = Doodler

Hagler's Web 2.0 Technologies - Edmodo

Schleup's Web 2.0 Blog - Penzu

Jesse's Web 2.0 Blog - Vimeo

Natalie's Web 2.0 Blog! - Google Forms

Sarah's Web 2.0 Blog Wordle

Jessica's Web 2.0 Blog - Tagxedo

Becky's Web 2.0 Corner - Prezi

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