Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Recently I received a copy of my Nea Today Magazine in the mail.  I sat down in my ample leisure time to peruse the articles.  Imagine my delight when I discovered an article on teaching with today’s Tech.  One of the interesting web 2.0 tools that was recommended was a site called dipity at www.dipity.com where you can make your own timeline online.  I thought this might work well for a biography project my students are trying to complete.  Initially I had trouble creating an account but was eventually successful.  I was able to create a bit of a sample timeline about Chief Joseph but unfortunately much of my work did not seem to be saved.  When I went to research further and show it to my students the site did not seem to be working correctly. I decided to prowl around youtube for a video that could explain how to make things work properly.  There are many videos available, but this one explained things the most clearly.

It looks easy enough.  My hope is that students can use this site to create their own timelines for their biography project.  I am also hopeful that students from other 5th grade classes in our school might collaborate on the timeline.  I think it is a beneficial tool and look forward to seeing the site operational so that I can use it with my students.


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